Business trainer and coach in cross-cultural communication, business mediator, lecturer and expert in international negotiations.


Business trainer and coach in cross-cultural communication, business mediator, lecturer and expert in international negotiations.

For over 20 years Elena has been studying the cultural specifics and communication styles of people from various countries. As a communication specialist, trainer and coach in cross-cultural competence and as a business mediator, Elena has been involved in international projects since 2002. She helps European companies develop businesses in Russia and consults them on the issues of cross-cultural communication.

Elena has a broad-ranging professional experience: from developing new business sectors in a large textile corporation to running her own fashion retail company in Russia to managing a communications agency to teaching in German universities.

On top of a solid academic background - specialising in coaching and communications, Elena possesses a wealth of hands-on experience, which without doubt makes her a true professional who has encountered many challenges in the field of cross-cultural communication. And now she is there to help her clients solve their problems.

An ancient Indian proverb says: "Only experience makes a true master". In 2007, Elena became the co-founder of a German-Russian PR consultancy, which she still owns and runs today. The joint German-Russian team of the Goldberg & Budinstein PR & Consulting agency takes pride in the long-term and earnest professional ties with many of its clients, such as ESCADA SE, the Hauber Group, Otto Aulbach GmbH (Daniel Hechter, Karl Lagerfeld), the Samsonite Group (TUMI), Lacoste S.A., the Wortmann Group, Airfield, Gore, Bogner amongst others.
And last but not least, an important area of Elena’s work is teaching and lecturing. Her original course on cross-cultural communication is an integral part of the educational programme on TUI cruise ships and is also taught as part of the curriculum at German universities (Ostfalia Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften, HWR Berlin, TU Berlin).

I see Elena Budinstein as a competent cross-cultural communication trainer, who works with people with great dedication and joy. At the Ostfalia University in Wolfsburg, she has been successfully running the "International Negotiations" course as a guest lecturer for many years now. Students are delighted with the content and teaching style of Elena Budinstein.

Mike Hoffmeister

Professor at the Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences, subject "International Management", happiness researcher and (inter) cultural trainer

At the age of 19, Elena decided to learn German and get a university degree in Germany. Since then, her entire personal life and professional career have been linked to two countries - Russia and Germany. Elena acutely senses all the subtleties of communication between the two cultures and acts as a kind of filter between them. Thanks to her husband, the orchestra conductor Igor Budinstein, Elena has been involved with the classical music community for over 23 years , and has made acquaintances and become friends with many outstanding musicians. Classical music has become her primary hobby.

Elena has 3 charming daughters. She’s a shining example of a successful woman in business, who skillfully combines family and career.

Elena is a role model for me in many respects: First of all, as a young foreigner many years ago, she successfully built up her own consulting company in Germany. And despite her great professional commitment, she also manages to successfully balance work and family life, being a good example for young women in leadership.

Pamela Stenzel

Lawyer, International Board Advisor / Governance Expert


of working in joint German-Russian projects


as an entrepreneur


of training and coaching


of lecturing at universities


Mentor, Cross Cultural Communication Program
HWR, Berlin Scool of Economics & Law, Germany
2017 – Present

Oversee yearly mentorship program to high potential individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds; facilitate high-level needs analysis to address specific competency gaps with mentees.

Define and drive appropriate course initiatives with mentees in alignment with professional development objectives.

Owner, CEO
SPB Intercultural Managment GMBH, Berlin, Germany
2009 – Present

Clients include FRAAS, Jammers & Leuftgen, Mayser, and Mariloè.

Independent Trainer & Coach for Intercultural Competence
2008 – Present

Clients include leading European, Russian and German institutions: artop Berlin (Humboldt University), Volkswagen AG, Ostfalia University, TUI AG, Igedo Company (Messe Duesseldorf), IMA Wolfsburg and TUI Cruise Line (“Mein Schiff”).

Conceptualize and deliver academic course curriculum on Intercultural Management, Intercultural Competence, and cross-border International Communications via trainings, lectures and coaching to students, educators, management professionals and sales executives across all levels of up to 400 in class size.

Broaden student perspectives and understanding by preparing and delivering industry relevant lectures centred on current trends, professional experience, and theory integration.

Prepare course content to ensure students absorb best practices in intercultural competence and leadership.

Significant Achievements

Consistently receive highly favourable rating (1 out of 5) and feedback from students, with characteristics of being inspirational, real-life relevance, and suitability for students and professional course attendees being frequently remarked.

Continually receive maximum enrolment for Harvard Concept International Negotiations course at Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences, an elective module, with 22 students spread over four classes over 30 academic hours per term.

Secured 100% retention rate through strong client network, successful consultative methods, and effective skills respecting and supporting clients in professional development.

Owner, CEO
Goldberg & Budinstein PR & Consulting GMBH, Germany, Russia
2007 – Present

Goldberg & Budinstein is a boutique consulting agency specialising in public relations and social media marketing for the lifestyle and fashion industry in Germany and Russia.

Clients include leading European and international brands: Tumi, Lacoste, Pandora, ESCADA SE, W.L. Gore & Associates, and Wortmann Group KG.

Lead team of 12 in Russia and Germany to conceptualise and drive all aspects of strategic marketing, public relations and communications plans for clients in fashion industry across Europe.

Manage business acquisitions and sales, marketing, human resources, public relations, and international managementSpearhead increase in client sales and presence across offline and online media channels including print, TV, social media and web.

Champion strong strategic relationships with press, bloggers, influencers, celebrities and alliance partners.

Drive thought leadership in fashion industry through special interest opinion pieces published in Textilwirtschaft, FashionToday, Modny Magazin, and ProFashion.

Significant Achievements

Consistently secure 100% client retention rate and long-term tenures of up to 10 years through strong network, successful consultative methods, and effective public relations strategies.

Achieved 933% ROI in media value (from EUR300K to EUR2.8M) for ESCADA SE in 2019.

Business Connector
Elena Budistein E.K., Berlin-Moscow
2006 – 2016

Directed sales and business development initiatives between fashion accessories producer and wholesaler, generating EUR2M turnover purchase price per annum for 4 German accessories producers in Russia.

Led consulting efforts with German lifestyle companies looking to enter and develop business presence in Russia, e.g. Peek & Cloppenburg Duesseldorf

Marketing and Key Account Manager
Steilmann Osteuropa GMBH & CO KG, Berlin - Moscow
2002 – 2006


Competence on Top
Institut an der Humboldt Universität Berlin
Zertifizierte Trainerin und Coach für Interkulturelle Kompetenzen
2007 – 2009
University of Fine Arts Berlin, Germany
Master’s Degree Communication
– Strategical Planning, Text and Marketing
– Awarded High Distinction
University of Fine Arts Berlin, Germany
Bachelor’s Degree
Electrotechnical University, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Bachelor’s Degree Public Relations

Turn your challenges into chances, and your opponents into your allies.

Elena Budinstein
Cross-cultural expert, adviser, keynote speaker